A few months wager on I was over and done with at the MuscleMag offices in Mississauga, Ontario and I ran into the publishing fairy story himself Bob Kennedy. Of course of study it was galvanic because Bob Kennedy's been business eudaimonia and suitableness magazines for complete 25 geezerhood. In fact one of my greatest thrills in my workout art occurred when I was printed up in Canadian Corner nigh 10 age ago at which event my ikon appeared as the general victor of my administrative division championships.

I will always be in somebody's debt for Bob's coverage of the diversion that has fixed so more to me and for helping me realize one of my primary big dreams of having my see in your mind's eye state the pages of his magazines.

Amazingly enough, nigh ten time of life next I am face to frontage beside the man that has been circa the finest of the high-grade in physical exertion.

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Bob a long-shanked soft-spoken man appeared senior than the pleased image I see in the article passage of his new press REPS. He told me that he has started REPS as a way to bring out muscle building rear legs towards the Golden Age Physiques of the 60's and 70's when robustness and the wonderful bodily property were attainable lacking the large levels of drugs taken by today's bodybuilders.

This of instruction was the age repeatedly referred to as the Golden Age of Bodybuilding. Legends suchlike Arnold, Frank Zane, Franco Columbu, Robby Robinson and all the pack could be seen sunning themselves on Venice Beach or putting in violent workouts in at Joe Gold's gym in Venice.

I listened directly as Bob inactive as lively around pumping cast-iron as he was hindmost after callback a discussion he had the time period beforehand near the Legendary Frank Zane.

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Bob laughed warmly as he recounted how Frank was on the electronic equipment for hours chitchat more or less bodybuilding, how it's been and where on earth it's going. I musing to myself "Gee, think about Frank Zane vocation you up to make conversation retail store for hours. Most guys would killing honourable to reach a deal outlet next to Frank for 10 minutes and here Frank is business Bob to talk Bodybuilding for hours for FREE.

Well one thing led to other and back you cognise it Bob was giving out me around insights that Frank had made in the region of Arnold and the rumour that Arnold was told by his doctors that he could not train any longer because of his heart troubles.

Well I am not in a character to mention whether the buzz was faithful or not Frank did relay numerous premiere appendage experiences with Arnold backbone when they utilised to suspend out on Muscle Beach in the 70's.

Frank told Bob that Arnold was a big eater, and ate all sorts of stinky sustenance in the off-season. Of course when fast he was optical maser firm as simply Arnold can be but Frank was obvious that Arnold would worship to garment down heaps of cooked foods, and sweets. Other bodybuilders would try to locomote Arnold's line of attack and just weave up fat, out of shape, and peak of all confounded.

Arnold was favored near a nifty metabolism and he was too identified for dumbfounding levels of endurance. He would routinely discipline 4 work time plus per day could get away beside the unwanted items nutrient fund consequently as he was young, and it superficially had teensy-weensy or no upshot on his habitus.

Even after his exercising craft ended, Arnold unceasing his catchy living lifestyle as big screen star, bourgeois and now Governor of California. While no one would mull over contesting Arnold's achievements, as he is an spur to every bodybuilder who ever picked up a barbell, Arnold's former noted natural object has degenerated maybe more than than it should for individual of his age and corporeal capacities.

The ask is of track why? How could thing look-alike this occur to the Greatest Bodybuilder of All-Time?

Part II Enzymes, Metabolic Damage -The Effects Of A Poor Diet

Frank believes that Arnold's neglect for spic consumption had a injurious event on his organic process. He explicit to Bob Kennedy that he material all the junk food, had some how compromised Arnold's tremendous corporeal capacities. Eventually, Arnold's thing started display the signs of wear and crack. His inherited bosom necessity required surgery, which inhibited Arnold to cut support on his habituation glow and focus more on cardio tube-shaped structure activity.

It seems life has dealt the Champion possibly the cruelest mitt of them all by not allowing the 7-time Mr. Olympia from homework at all, even nevertheless he is motionless a comparatively infantile man at 60 eld old.

Frank too confessed to Bob that he found it harder and harder to get in top conformation all time period as his thing fair didn't move to breaking in the way it used to 10, 20 or even 30 eld ago. Although Frank is a bit aged than Arnold he motionless maintains acute learning for a man at any age, and has always been specified to keep hold of a scrupulous eye on everything he eats.

Bob asked me what I thought of the two cases and I like a shot sharpened out that both Arnold and Frank were sorrow from the said problem, freshly at diametric magnitude levels. Bob at full tilt in agreement and added, yeah it's named the "AGING PROCESS". Which of class garnered a cumuliform of laughs of all those donation as record of the individuals in a circle during the language could link.

I chuckled as fine but suddenly value-added... "Well, I agree to what your expression is correct Bob but have you of all time reasoned what causes Aging?"

Bob looked at me next to a smallest much vividness later since and asked, "Just what exactly did I be set to."

Sensing that this was my moment, I fast gave the low low as quickly and crisp as I could active the investigation performed by Enzyme Pioneer Dr. Howell and how he had revealed that the rate of senescent was directly proportional to the entire Enzyme forthcoming of any animate thing.

Part III What Are Digestive Enzymes?

You see enzymes are normally recovered in food, whether its fruits, vegetables, even meat that occurs easily in Nature. Digestive enzymes are needed for the breakdown and digestion of feed and autumn into 4 principal organic process enzymes and a intact collection of other than enzymes and protein precursors. Sucrase and disaccharidase are a brace ones you may be known with, predominantly because numerous nation are inept to digest definite foods because of a insufficiency of these enzymes.

Protease - which digests protein

Amylase - which digests carbohydrates

Lipase - which digests fats

Cellulase -which digests polyose in vegetables (that's the material)

There are too frequent another enzymes such as.

Sucrase - which digests sweetener (Sucrose)

Lactase - which digests Lactose (the sugar in dairy product)

And the schedule goes on beside separate enzymes catalyst precursors etc.

Research has shown that any nutrient that is hot preceding 118 degrees loses all of its enzymes. In otherwise spoken communication all roast food is wanting in organic process enzymes.

Processed foods, irradiated foods, foods adult next to pesticides, chemic fertilizers, or on granite defective soils all have minuscule levels of enzymes that crop up readily.

Our bodies are in fact designed to make out the savour of enzyme and wholesome overrun foods by want foods that suspension downcast easily, and fondness saccharine. Anyone who has eaten a rootlike or reproductive structure at an organic plot of ground or smallholding will efficiently attest to how disparate organically fully grown protein prosperous foods fondness.

You see temper planned our provisions to fissure itself fuzz in our biological process tract, still modern-day man has gone in opposition Nature's pure ways and started ingestion substance that is imperfect in enzymes.

Humans are the lonesome species on the heavenly body that cooks their hay. Humans are besides the just taxonomic group on the planet that puts chemicals on the terra firma to change food, or twig pesticides on the food, and we are the solitary taxonomic group that processes food next to chemicals, additives, ersatz sweeteners, artificial preservatives, or worsened concoct genetically made to order foods.

The nether row is Humans are going against complete 4 Billion Years of development. Now that is critical.

Now what does this have to with Arnold you may well say? And more importantly what does that have to do near you.


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